Friday, January 21, 2005

One Project Over...

Yesterday I finished my book. All that is left to do is to proof read it (not me thank goodness) argue with the publisher over the title, and then wait for the list of changes to come in. All assuming that they accept the manuscript of course.

The idea was that I would take yesterday afternoon and today off. Yesterday however we had a snowstorm: terribly pretty and utterly claustrophobic. I ended up spending the day watching tv and caught two versions of Louisa May Alcott's Little Men.

The first was dire: I only caught the last twenty minutes but it appears that they had dispensed with Professor Bhaer in order to make way for Jack, handsome and masculine adventurer. And what is it with this "strong, gentle female" stereotype that litters US tv (If you don't know what I mean, think Beverly Crusher). It's not Jo March at all.

The second version was much better: all the colours were brown, I didn't recognise any of the cast and they kept to the script. It was Canadian, not American. Listening to it reminded me how much more intellectual a model of masculinity the Victorian Americans used to espouse. I've recently read a 1922 book, Radio Boys which I'll write up tomorrow when I have some energy again, but reading it, I was really startled how much "boys" were defined by "healthy intellectual interests" as well as wanting to play sport.

Tomorrow I start reading again with a vengeance. Much will be reported.

In the meantime, please do encourage your friends to fill in the questionnaire. The numbers have already gone past my ability to thank you all individually (at least for now) and we are approaching the point where I have a seriously viable sample. Thank you.


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