Friday, April 25, 2008

Godzilla in London: Enthoven, S. Tim, Defender of the Earth. London, Random House.

Tim is a genetically engineered T-Rex. Chris is a fourteen year old boy. Together they will defend the earth against a scientist who has turned himself into nano-machines.

It makes no sense, the science is terrible a T-Rex can't sleep on it's side, and it can't cope with nano machines) and it all ends up very spiritual with Tim inheriting the mantle of Defender of the earth from a Kraken, and Chris discovering that he has to identify with the world in order to save it, but it's still sort of fun and a honest and open homage to Godzilla.

One really irritating thing tho was the idea that no one would want to join the scientist as nanomachines. I can think of several hundred people who'd jump at the chance.


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