Wednesday, April 23, 2008

End of the Line

I sent the manuscript of the book to a copyeditor yesterday and from there it will go direct to the publisher. This blog is going to remain as an archive resource, and I may occassionally add to it (there will be a post about a new YA collection next month), but I won't be actively searching for books any more. However, from now on, it will be an "open" blog. If you find a cool book you want to talk about, send me a write up (spoiler's allowed) and I'll post it here.

I've listed all the books I consulted over the past five years here:

If you want to add to the list so that no one ever has to engage in the kind of foraging I've been doing, please send me references. I'll also be maintaining my database so that I can assist with queries, so also give me a short summary and some key words (themes, setting etc).

Thank you all for keeping me company the past few years. Knowing there were people out there has been very reassuring.


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