Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Mars isn't like the Moon you know? Knife and Packer (2004). Captain Fact's Space Adventure. London, Egmont.

Captain Fact slept in a library as a boy, was hit by lightening and absorbed all the information. In his ordinary life he is a weatherman but in an emergency he is Captain Fact.

On this occassion he is called upon to rescue a monkey, stranded on Mars and running out of bananas. All of this is told with plenty of explanation of space travel, orbits, what various bits of vehicles are made of etc.

And with no reference to Mars gravity whatsoever. Captain Fact touches down on Mars in a moon rocket! it's a big disappointment after the careful handling of all the rest of the information.

But a good, fun semi-cartoon book.


Blogger Alice said...

Oh I've looked at the Captain Fact books - bizarre things! I thought they were interesting in using an adventurer narrative, and of making the character small/ large/ etc to allow them to experience scientific 'vistas' (a la Russell Stannard)

7:24 AM  

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