Thursday, December 21, 2006

Therapising the Future: Keaney, B. (2006). The Hollow People. London, Orchard Books.

Bea is the daughter of doctors on an island mental asylum, Dante is an orphan and a kitchen boy, his mother suicided in the asylum.

The world is very strange, very ridid. There is no social movement up and down the hierarchy. At the age of twelve people start taking Ichor and stop dreaming, stop being imaginative.

When Bea and Dante become friends they upset the order, discover that they live in a drugged tyranny and that Dante's mother was a resister. A prisoner who can manipulate doors in the world helps them to escape to the Ruined City where the resisters hide out. Then it gets all mystical: Dante's mother had wanted an "Odyllic" solution to the world's ills. Dr. Sigismunde opted for drugs. So we get a dreamy "Force" v. evil machinations. By the time Dante is recaptured and we realise we are at the beginning of a series, it's all feeling very Destinarian and very Star Wars.


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