Friday, November 24, 2006

Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory...: Levithan, David. Wide Awake. New York: Alfred Knopf, 2006.

There has been a Presidential election, the Gay Jewish candidate won and the conservatives are up in arms. But this is a bit further into the future and the evangelicals have split. The Jesus Freaks are more concerned with community and kindness, leaving homophobia to others.

But the election is challenged in Kansas and Duncan's boyfriend decides to go and join the many who refuse to let this election be stolen. Most of the book is about the personal relationships on the bus, and on Duncan's anxiety that he cannot live up to his boyfriend's more radical spirit. It's also about Duncan's belief that the relationship is forever and Jimmy's rather more mature approach. As with Boy Meets Boy (a wonderful utopian novel about a high school) Levithan's protagonist is rather young for his age.

The book is heavy handed on the future politics and oddly conservative about monogamy (one of the girls is having an affair and the idea that she is in love with both of her girlfriends is treated with hosility), but it's worth mentioning here as the only book I've read which both envisages teens taking a realistic part in major change, and which can see a future that doens't look just like ours or even an extension of ours. This is a fight back book, not an If This Goes On....


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