Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Pick Me Up, Before You Go! Sandra Glover, It Didn't Happen. London: Andersen Press, 2005

Paul has been missing for four days when he turns up again, soaking wet and in shock. All he can say is "It Didn't Happen".

But there is no rejoicing for the girl he disappeared with, Melissa, is still missing.

The story is told by Paul's sister Laura who talks of his alienation in schoo due to exczema and poor sight, and the way in which Melissa maniupulated him. But alongside this is Paul's story, told from inside his head as he lies in bed. In this story, the miraculous disappearance of Paul's exczema, his amazing improvement in sight, can all be traced to the night he saw the space ship. When he and Melissa disappeared it was because Paul was searching for help to cure Melissa after a terrible accident.

Melissa's reappearance--apparently uncured--confuses the finale and leaves Paul wondering what the truth actually was. I'll side with sf.


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