Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Is it a bird? Is it a 'plane? No, it's an embarrasing parent!: SuperZeroes by Rhiannon Lassiter. Oxford: OUP, 2005.

A quite lightweight book for Lassiter, about the children of superheroes and supervillains who get together essentially to humiliate their "embarrassing" parents. The book is notable mostly for its presentation of feisty, smart kids who think through problems, and also because at the end the implication is that some of them will be better at this superhero/supervillain business than their parents, or even more interestingly, than their friends' parents. Toby, son of a henchman, is clearly not going to follow in his father's footsteps.

As with all Lassiter, this is a morally complex book. What I want to emphasise here is that despite being a very flimsy story, and clearly aimed at first stage readers, it's also quite complex in the technical problems of super-hero-ness, and there is more technological challenge here than in many of the books I've read for older readers.


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