Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dinosaur Crazy; Astrosaurs: the Seas of Doomby Steve Cole. London: Red Fox/Random House, 2005.

Rather competent space opera/space adverture story, part of a series, with all of the parts taken by dinosaurs of different species. These dinosaurs descended from dinosaurs who left Earth before the meteorite and who have settled the galaxy.

It's a classic case of a book that will work up to about the teenage years when a reader might start asking questions about why all the dinosaurs can communicate, why *all* dinosaurs seem to have evolved (as opposed to only one or two species) and how one of the species can cope without opposable thumbs. It's delicious hokum frankly. But it is science fiction, with lots of exploration and monsters that have to be thought about until you've figured out their ecological niche. I particularly liked the well thought out star map at the beginning of the book.

Ideal for your dinosaur and space crazy six year old.


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