Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Indications that I am a Science Fiction Fan

I've just read Catherine Fisher's The Scarab. Fisher comes highly recommended and I can sort of see why: her imagery is vivid, her fiction argumentative. The Oracle sequence as a whole is far too much of a hokey-cokey plot to me (you know the kind, people step in and out of danger with no real ryhme or reason) but I'm not unsatisfied.

But there was one moment that made me pause: the villain, Argelin, declares: "Men will learn that water is my gift, channelled and irrigated by my workmen, controlled by the sluices and pumps I devise. There is no Rain Queen." (Hodder, p. 42).

And the problem is that even tho' I know he is a tyrant, I want him to be right. I'd rather argue with an engineer than a god.


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