Saturday, February 26, 2005

Movements and research report

I'll be leaving Fredericton on Monday, and from then on will be posting probably every second day, partially because I'll be moving around a lot, but also because I'm taking with me only one children's book for each day, and experience has taught me that only about half of them will be worth blogging

I've found over 70 titles I didn't know existed, and have leads for another twenty. This has been a very successful trip. Yesterday I gave a paper at the Eileen Wallace Collection, and discovered that Eileen Wallace is actually alive and rather wonderful. She told me living in a small town that didn't actually have a library until the 1960s, and her joy in discovering Alice in Wonderland when she was in college.

I'm starting to think about structure and I'm wondering whether, instead of six long chapters which knit together all my ideas on cognition, child development, nationality, reading protocols etc., I wouldn't be better off with twelve (or so) shourt chapters which take these things separately. The idea would be to start each one of the chapters with one of the truisms or generalisations we've disputed, and then to dispute them so that one chapter might be headed: "Children under the age of twelve lack the cognitive ability to read science fiction" or "The Genre Protocols of Sf are learned as one ages and becomes more experienced in the genre: hence all sf for children should aim to sound like it was written in 1950s"and would then argue it, using both the cog dev material, or the linguistic development material and the science fiction.

Feedback would be appreciated.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Farah.

Rob Sawyer here, in Toronto.

Sorry to try this unorthodox way of reaching you, but your latest email makes clear that my email to you went astray, so here it is again:


Monday night is not shaping up well for me, but I have a counter-suggestion :). You said you might be free for lunch on Tuesday, March 1. Well, on Tuesday, March 1, we're celebrating Peter Halasz's birthday: my wife Carolyn and I, plus Marcel Gagne and Sally Tomasevic, who edited the Canadian SF anthology TRANSVERSIONS, are taking Peter out to one of his favourite restaurants, Canyon Creek.

Canyon Creek is a steak/seafood house that also has wonderful salads.

I've just gotten off the phone with Peter Halasz, and he says he'd love to have you along. So, if that would work for you, here's the deal:

Peter would pick you up in his car and drive you to Mississauga (where Canyon Creek is, as well as where Sally and Marcel, and Carolyn and I, live). We'd all have lunch, then you and Peter would come back to Carolyn and my place (just a few blocks away from the restaurant) for coffee, etc. (Sally and Marcel have a newborn, and they'll have to bow out early).

Let me and Peter know if this will work for you; if it will, we'll make it all happen.



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