Sunday, January 09, 2005

Cognitive Dissonance in New Brunswick

The accent sounds Canadian, but is officially "Maritime".
The man next to me just said he was "pissed off".
The houses look like they were built in Maine, but there are people walking.
People drink tea.
The car drivers stop even when it isn't a crossing (once I ended up crossing a road when I didn't want to. I was too embarrassed to do otherwise).
The streets are called things like "Regent", "King", "Queen", "Windsor" and "George".
Letter boxes in Imperial Red...but square.
Those aren't swimming pools in the gardens, they're ice rinks.
The currency has the Queens head on the front; is in US style denominations; and looks like the Euro.


Blogger Karen Traviss said...

Canada is definitely the biz: like England should have been. I love the place.

If you find Canada disorienting, though, try Gibraltar. Now that really feels weird.

2:24 AM  
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